Petit Hall

The Entrance and the Petit Hall

From the entrance, our guests feel attached with the Khmer Empire period, a time when this country culminated from 9th to 13th century: a welcome Khmer design of Kulen Water fall on the gate imitated to serve as sacred water from the Gods for happiness and prosperity, and as an irrigation system that dominates most parts of the rice fields. The Petit Hall surrounded by the moat represents the Angkor Wat Temple and it is a cozy place to relax in the tropical garden and the only organic farm in town; upon you step in the Petit Hall and Petit Villa you are treated like royalties. We really do care about your health, the fresh fruit juice is served exceptionally with cool towels to make you feel at ease just from the beginning and till your departure. Staffs are well trained to ensure your satisfaction is met. The Petit Hall is also designed based on the lifestyle of the tycoons in the Angkor era where the secrecy is to reveal and you will imagine how lovely and respectfully it is, and that is where you experience. Statue of the Jayavarman VII, the most famous king in the Khmer history, is smiling firmly and it is part of our encouragement to have this small boutique building up and to come with this unique concept. We guarantee there is nowhere else, but only at the Petit Villa Boutiqe & Spa.

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